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Effortlessly launch group buying campaigns, find buyers, and get paid for starting successful crowd purchases.

Group buying enables like-minded engineers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and anyone else to to band together and unlock products and discounts that are ordinarily held behind high minimum order quantities.

GroupGets takes care of the vetting, fund collection, purchasing, and shipping. All you have to do is create or join a campaign.

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Manufacturers reach new markets and see their products used in more innovative ways by our global network of sophisticated pro-makers, engineers, consumers and scientists.

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Can't wait for a Group Buy to close? We stock some of our most popular group buy targets and related accessories.

Hackster Launch!

Welcome to a new era of hardware crowdfunding backed by a deep integration of technical, marketing, community, supply chain, and distribution support.

FLIR Systems

GroupGets is a FLIR Premium Partner shipping innovative thermal camera systems and custom accessories daily.

Check out our latest offerings from FLIR.


We built GroupGets to crowd purchase the unobtainable to make products that push boundaries and our passion for product development has never stopped.

Check out our in-house designed products which can be found on most major distribution channels.

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Creating and joining Group Buys is much easier than you think. Hack minimum order quantities, crowdfund production runs for vetted products, or sell to group buyers today!

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