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AudioMoth GPS Hat (Group Order - Round 1)

AudioMoth GPS Hat (Group Order - Round 1)


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 AudioMoth GPS Hat is a GPS receiver that can be used to set the time and improve the clock accuracy of AudioMoth. It is compatible with AudioMoth 1.1 and 1.2, and it is soldered directly to the exposed GPIO pads. It is the same electronic design as the AudioMoth GPS Board used with AudioMoth Dev but in a different form factor.

The standard AudioMoth firmware supports GPS for updating the real-time clock, and measuring the precise sample rate, before each recording period. This allows events within a recording to be assigned a timestamp that is accurate to within a few milliseconds with little increase in overall energy consumption. 

In many applications, this level of time synchronization is sufficient. However, sometimes more precise time synchronization is required. For example, when the source of acoustic events must be localized to high accuracy. In these settings, the alternative AudioMoth GPS Sync firmware can be used. This solution continuously powers the GPS whilst recording. This increases energy consumption but allows AudioMoth to continuously track and record the arrival of pulse-per-second signals from the GPS module. An associated desktop app post-processes the recorded data to generate synchronized WAV files aligned with GPS time to better than 1 microsecond.

The board also includes a magnetic switch that is supported by the standard AudioMoth firmware for delayed start. On switching to CUSTOM, the AudioMoth will enter a low-energy sleep state and actual recording can be triggered in the field with a magnet.


  • AudioMoth GPS Hat



  • AudioMoth with the GPS Hat installed is not compatible with the AudioMoth IPX7 Case.

  • Soldering required
  • Requires AudioMoth 1.1 or 1.2 to work, see GitHub Repo link under resources for more detailed information

Export Information

  • HTSUS:  8473.30.1180
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • ECCN: 7A994

Lead Time

< 2 Weeks

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