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Greetings, and welcome to GroupGets! Since our inception in 2013, we have striven to uncover the latest, most innovative technology tailored for researchers, conservationists, and electronics enthusiasts including sought-after items like FLIR thermal camera cores, AudioMoth acoustic loggers from Open Acoustic Devices, and spectrometers from Hamamatsu optoelectronics. Whether you’re looking for components to enhance your upcoming DIY project, stocking up for research, interested in participating our new product pre-orders, or on the lookout for state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras, rest assured, we are here for you. -The GroupGets Team
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The Team


Ron Justin

Cofounder & CEO
Ron is a US inventor with a 20 year engineering career that has seen numerous prototypes ignite on boot, products that went to market, and a few ventures that successfully exited (and failed miserably). A father and avid mountain biker, you can find Ron shredding in the Sierras on any given weekend.

Kurt Kiefer

Cofounder & CTO
A computer engineer whose passions run the gamut of large scale distributed systems to 8-bit microcontrollers, Kurt has led many hardware and software projects, both in and out of his day job. When he’s not trying out a new web framework, he’s probably in the garage making it work on his automated homebrewing setup.

Sashi Ono

Chief Science Officer
Sashi is a father, embedded systems guru, multi-award-winning competitive robot designer, DIY drone builder, Android hacker, advisor to many start-ups, and the founder of Pure Engineering LLC. We think that he may have made some contributions to alien technology discoveries too.

Matthew Navarro

VP of Operations
Matthew is an avid dirt biker, maker of things, and computer enthusiast with over a decade of experience in design, front end development, 3D modeling, and photography.

Mia Cho

Head of Office
Mia is our resident Korean-born Kiwi with a diverse background spanning commercial production for automotive companies, art directing various TV shows, and founding a healthy meal kit delivery service throughout Los Angeles.

Griffin Covert

Hardware Engineering Lead
Griffin graduated with a bachelor's in ECE Physics and a minor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. Having grown up in Mammoth Lakes California, he has a passion for skiing and the outdoors. Griffin is also an avid maker and 3D printing enthusiast.

Karly Lively

Operations Associate & Creative Writer
Karly graduated with a bachelor’s in creative writing from Western Washington U. She is halfway through her Graduate Gemologist degree with the GIA and is training to be a bench jeweler. When not in her home workshop melting things, you can find her sewing, embroidering, playing video games, reading, or working out. Her overarching goal is to finish her first book, then another, and another, and another… well, you get the picture.