Raspberry Pi 3 FLIR Lepton Dev Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 FLIR Lepton Dev Kit by GetLab

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Raspberry Pi 3 FLIR Lepton Development Kit

Single-unit price: $169.00
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This popular Raspberry Pi Kit for the FLIR Lepton was developed by GroupGets long ago for the first ever FLIR Hackathon. It is now used in hackathons and research labs worldwide. This... (continued)

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Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and FLIR Lepton Dev Kit

Single-unit price: $229.00
Ended 2 Years Ago
Target: 5 (Max: 25)
Funded: 5

This kit has you everything you need to get mixed daylight and thermal video on a Raspberry Pi2 in a flexible platform that enables useful and educational applications. The kit comes... (continued)

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  • GG-FLPI-3


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