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PURE Engineering

PUREmodules - VL53L1 Distance Sensor

PUREmodules - VL53L1 Distance Sensor


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PUREmodules - VL53L1 Distance Sensor



  • User detection (Autonomous low-power mode) to power on/off and lock/unlock devices like personal computers/laptops and the IoT
  • Service robots and vacuum cleaners (long distance and fast obstacle detection), Drones (landing assistance, hovering, ceiling detection)
  • Smart shelves and vending machines (goods inventory monitoring)
  • Sanitary (robust user detection whatever the target reflectance)
  • Smart building and smart lighting (people detection, gesture control)
  • 1 D gesture recognition\Laser assisted autofocus which enhances the camera autofocus system speed and robustness, especially in difficult scenes (low light and low contrast), and video focus tracking assistance


  • Fully integrated miniature module – Size: 4.9x2.5x1.56 mm – Emitter: 940 nm invisible laser (Class1) – SPAD (single photon avalanche diode) receiving array with integrated lens – Low-power microcontroller running advanced digital firmware
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with the VL53L0X FlightSense™ ranging sensor
  • Fast and accurate long distance ranging – Up to 400 cm distance measurement – Up to 50 Hz ranging frequency
  • Typical full field-of-view (FoV): 27 °
  • Programmable region-of-interest (ROI) size on the receiving array, allowing the sensor FoV to be reduced
  • Programmable ROI position on the receiving array, providing multizone operation control from the host
  • Easy integration – Single reflowable component – Can be hidden behind many cover window materials – Software driver and code examples for turnkey ranging – Single power supply (2v8) – I²C interface (up to 1 MHz) – Shutdown and interrupt pins

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