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nRF9160 Feather V3

nRF9160 Feather V3


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The nRF9160 Feather by Jared Wolff (aka Circuit Dojo LLC) is an electronics development board. It features a Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160-SICA part. This part is capable of both CAT M1 LTE and NB-IoT for communication with the outside world. It's compatible primarily with Zephyr via the nRF Connect SDK. Other toolchains and languages coming soon to a Github repository near you.


The nRF9160 Feather is a true Feather board - and then some. As you would expect, it works well across both USB and LiPoly batteries.

The board is designed to be nice to your batteries. Not only can you take advantage of Nordic's advanced power states, but you can also put the device into a low power standby state. Laboratory measurements are putting that mode at about 2µA of current. 2µA!

The nRF9160 Feather is also designed to harness every last mW your battery has to offer. That means from full-to-empty it's using every last mW your battery has to offer. It runs at 3.3V and can support and work with most Featherwing boards! 

3D print your own case!

Files available on GrabCAD here.

nRF9160 Feather case

Recommended GPS antenna part number for this case: ACTPAT182-01-IP


Version 2 UpgradesVersion 2 Hardware

  • Added 3-axis Accelerometer by ST (LIS2DH12TR). Zephyr/nRF Connect SDK includes built-in support for this chip.
  • Added Accelerometer INT1 pin to Pin 2 on the board.
  • Added JMP1 to free up use for Pin 2 (INT1 pin on LIS2DH is push/pull an always on)
  • The power supply enable signal, which originally was inaccessible, is now available next to the TX pin.
  • Added JMP2 to disable PS_EN's connection to the power supply. "Always on" operation by shorting the middle and right pads on JMP2.
  • Updated the bottom side labels thanks to Sparkfun's Buzzard tool. They deserve all the credit there!

No Programmer Necessary


Documentation is readily available and you can access it on at any time.

Hardware is licensed with CERN 1.2, firmware with Apache 2.0, and documentation with CC-SA-4.0.

Runs on Zephyr and nRF Connect SDK

The nRF9160 Feather runs on the up-and-coming RTOS. Combined with Nordic's nRF Connect SDK you have full-fledged support, with more development ecosystems coming in the future.

v3 - (July 2021)

  • Fixed SCL/SDA labels
  • Added test points for SIM tests

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