100th Funded Campaign!

100th Funded Campaign!

It's been an exciting time at GroupGets HQ. Just this week we refreshed our campaign pages and reached our 100th funded group buy!

As the 2nd round of the  closed, it became our 100th! Since we're taking count, we've also shipped thousands of items that were either out of reach with six-figure minimum orders like the FLIR Lepton when it first emerged or that were much cheaper than buying alone.

GetLab has delivered 14 custom hardware and 3D printed accessories to enhance backer experiences along with 7 open-source repos on Github. We've supported hundreds of help tickets to get hackers and makers out of binds and our store has over 20 unique GroupGet All-star products that usually ship within one day of ordering. Finally, our youtube channel has 40 product demo and how-to guides totaling over 100,000 views.

All this with a mighty team of 5 in under two years! Thanks to all of the manufacturers and thousands of backers for giving us a shot!


We are constantly enabling access, collaboration, innovation and savings and couldn't be more excited about it - even Nyan Cat agrees!

While the campaigns have been moving along, the web team has been working hard to improve the platform, making it easier for anyone to create, join, and share campaigns.

We've listened to our users - the campaigns now have a fresher look and more clarity on the critical details such as the amount of the discount, shipping terms, and the billing process. Check it out on GroupGets.com.


We've also integrated all social media channels to make it easier for backers to invite friends to join campaigns so they can close faster and the products can ship sooner.


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