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The FLIR Boson™ longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera core is a giant leap forward in thermal imaging performance, size, and price. With its embedded Movidius Myriad 2 12-core image processor, wide range of lens options, physical shutter, and FLIR's XIR™ expandable infrared video processing architecture, it allows system integrators to take their thermal applications to far greater heights. Perform on-board video analytics, drive external sensors and peripherals, and communicate over multiple standard communication interfaces such as USB 3.0 with Boson.

The three different performance grades of the 320 x 256 pixel Boson core with a 60 Hz frame rate and its accessories are available now in in our store - see some of the various options below. While we will always have a special place in our hearts for the more compact FLIR Lepton™, the Boson™ is the core of choice when thermal image processing performance and deep system integrations matters. Join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter for instant Boson updates. Definitely check out some of the videos that we've taken with Boson and the forum discussions below. As usual, we also compiled a list of the best Boson resources from around the web below as well.

Note: The 60 Hz Boson can only be sold within the USA. Non-US addresses shall receive the 9 Hz Boson. There is no price difference between the 60 Hz and 9 Hz versions.



  • Sensor technology: Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
  • Array format: or 320 × 256 (available now); 640 x 512 (availability TBA)
  • Pixel pitch: 12 µm
  • Spectral range: Longwave infrared; 7.5 µm – 13.5 µm
  • Three performance grades: Industrial, Professional, and Consumer
  • Thermal Sensitivity: <40 mK (Industrial); <50 mK (Professional); <60 mK (Consumer)
  • Full Frame Rates: 60Hz baseline; 30 Hz runtime selectable
  • Slow frame rate: ≤9 Hz available
  • Scene Dynamic Range: 0 °C to +140 °C (high gain); 0 °C to +500 °C (low gain).
  • All models have Non-uniformity Correction (NUC): Factory calibrated; updated FFCs with FLIR’s Silent Shutterless NUC (SSN™)
  • Solar protection: Integral
  • Continuous Zoom: Yes
  • Symbol overlay: Re-writable each frame; alpha blending for translucent overlay


  • 7 lens options for 640 resolution - see data sheet for details
  • 8 lens options for 320 resolution


  • Input voltage: 3.3 VDC
  • Power dissipation: Varies by configuration; as low as 500 mW
  • Video channels CMOS or USB
  • Control channels: RS-232 or USB
  • Peripheral channels: I2C, SPI, SDIO


  • Size: 21 × 21 × 11 mm without lens
  • Weight: 7.5 g without lens (configuration dependent)
  • Precision mounting holes: Four tapped M16x0.35 (rear cover). Lens support recommended when lens mass exceeds core mass.


  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 80°C (all grades),
  • Non-operating temperature range: -50°C to 85°C
  • Shock: 1,500 g @ 0.4 msec
  • Operational altitude: 12 km


2.4mm Boson


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