There is power in numbers

GroupGets empowers users to securely join or organize group buys for any existing product. We help bring backers together, then securely handle collection, purchasing, and shipping. Our engineers also help out with custom accessories and software to make products more useful and accessible.

Why GroupGet Something?

Lower Prices

Get better pricing on things typically too expensive to purchase individually due to high minimum order quantities or cost.

Collaborative Consumption

Sometimes you can afford a bulk order but do not need or want the hassle of an entire lot. Use GroupGets to find partners to ensure that nothing gets wasted.

No Risk Involved

GroupGets is a trusted third-party platform that is a safer and more effective way to initiate and promote group buys. There is no risk of a single person disappearing with the funds or the goods of a group buy. We handle the collection of funds, target aquisition, and distribution if the vendor will not ship to multiple parties.

Secure Platform

Whether you are a maker, startup, established business, or a consumer on a budget, enables you to find and recruit others online with the same purchasing interests and securely handles the campaign target’s fund collection, purchase, and distribution to all campaign backers throughout the world.

Why Should I Initiate A Campaign?

In addition to the satisfaction of reeling in a better price on a high value target item for yourself and others, we'll give you a cash reward if your campaign succeeds. Successful campaign initiators will earn a cash reward of 1% of the total collected campaign funds.1

1  Offer not valid for companies, organizations, or individuals selling their own products or services.

Start a Campaign

we bring power to the people

Know of a great bulk deal? Is your eye on something that can only be purchased in a high minimum order quantity? We can help.


Prefer that a campaign to be private or invite only?

No problem. We allow for private or invite-only campaigns as well.

Join a Campaign

join up with other buyers

If you don't have a specific deal in mind, thats OK. Jump in by browsing our active campaigns for something you that you may like or just to get some ideas for your own campaign.