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How GroupGets Campaigns Works

We Support Creators from the Beginning and Beyond

GroupGets’ purpose is to unite innovators in tech and science to save money, speed up development, and support new creations. Thousands of campaigns have been launched on the platform, and many have succeeded (approximately 78.3%). Find the right group that gets you.

Our community of developers, conservationists, tech enthusiasts, and more have diverse interests, yet the one thing they have in common: ingenuity.


A GroupGet is for organizing a crowd purchase or sale of a physical product. Use it to fund production runs for vetted products, sell overstock at a discount, access high minimum order quantity items, or test the market with a working beta product ready for sale.

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A GroupFund does not require an actual product to be made or sold. Use it to raise funds from our community for research, development, and even expeditions with a purpose like deploying conservation hardware in a forest.

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How does GroupGets Support its Creators?

Marketing & Promotion

Between promoting your campaign amongst our audience of 20,000 subscribers; over 5,000 social media followers and partnerships with publications - our marketing team will coordinate with you and create content (videos, articles and more) to spread awareness of your campaign. Plus, if you need photos for your campaign, our team is more than happy to help with our studio-grade equipment.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Based 100% in the USA, we are able to hold inventory and ship products all over the world. Upon checkout, backers can choose their desired delivery provider and shipping class level (VAT, and additional import duties or taxes are paid by the customer during import). We manage both notifying backers of their package tracking numbers and shipping directly to the backers from our headquarters based in Reno, Nevada.

Payment & Processing

While creating your campaign, you will be asked to indicate your campaign’s lead time and end date. Platform and fulfillment fees are determined upon launch. Payment is sent via your preferred method within 2-3 business days upon GroupGets receiving your products for shipping or once all customers’ orders are shipped.

GroupFund campaigns will receive the total funded amount (after platform fees) regardless if the campaign is successful or not.

Partnering & Distribution

Many of our campaigners have continued to manufacture and sell their product in our online store, and have it distributed within our network of distributors. Below are some of our favorite partners listed in our store.

OrangeCrab (FPGA Development Kit)

With over 182% of its goal met, this compact, feature-packed FPGA feather is a frequent seller in the store.

LoFive (SOC Evaluation Kit)

This open source RISC-V MCU was demanded so much, it needed four separate campaigns and was later listed on Digikey.

tCam-Mini (Wireless Streaming Thermal Imaging Camera)

This device continues to grow on the platform after being a part of multiple campaigns, being listed on DigiKey, and growing an audience to further develop software and hardware updates.

"GroupGets have been with OAD (Open Acoustic Devices) from the very start and were essential to getting AudioMoth off the ground. To this day, 5 years on, they still feel as much part of the team as ever, manufacturing AudioMoths and fulfilling customer orders so we can concentrate on developing and supporting the core AudioMoth technology."

Photo of Andy Hill

Andy Hill

Co-Founder of Open Acoustic Devices

"GroupGets has been my trusted crowdfunding partner since 2017. Since then I have launched several campaigns and they have always been transparent and knowledgeable. They are perfect for makers that want to validate that their product has a market without more fanfare than is needed. The campaign setup and launch is simple and successful launches can even lead to your product listing with major vendors like Digikey, such as my design: the LoFive [an open source SoC evaluation board.]"

Photo of Michael Welling

Michael Welling

Founder of Qwerty Embedded Design

"GroupGets has been a wonderful partner in bringing tCam-Mini to the world. They’ve allowed me to focus on the technical aspects while handling manufacturing, marketing and fulfillment. The GroupGets team are fun and easy to work with. I’m looking forward to future endeavors together."

Photo of Dan Julio

Dan Julio

Founder of danjuliodesigns llc

Getting Started

1. Create your Campaign

Sign up with your preferred method, and land directly in the platform’s tools to get started. No further questions! Our tools walk you through the main components of creating a campaign. You are welcome to save, and pick up where you last left-off if you need more time.

2. Submit for Approval

Our team will review, provide feedback and assist with the development of the campaign. At this point, our account coordinators will reach out to you to clarify the platform’s responsibilities and ask about your goals to assure a transparent coordination process.

3. Launch your Campaign

From start to finish, our team will reach out to you throughout your campaign’s duration to provide updates, coordinate for content creation and promotion, and provide insights on your campaign through data and feedback from users on the platform.

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