Springing Ahead

Springing Ahead

Here are some quick updates on what’s been happening at GroupGets over the past quarter. Our first campaign for the FLIR Lepton is now in its 6th public round and has shipped over 1000 units globally. Thanks again to everyone who helped to make it a success. We have since expanded our offerings from FLIR and have also picked up Hamamatsu Photonic as a manufacturing partner. Stay tuned for more products from new partners that are currently making their way to the platform.

New campaigns going forward will now benefit from cheaper international shipping. It took time to experiment with different platforms and methods but we found the right solution that yields reliable shipping at the best cost.

We hired a new software engineer, Matthew Navarro, who has been busy enhancing our site experience. Matthew is also an editor at Overclock.net and adds a great mix of essential talents to the team.

We look forward enabling more innovation and democratized access worldwide. We’ve only just begun and don’t forget, you can take part too by creating your own campaigns to hack high MOQ’s.

Happy Hacking.

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