Product Feature: SterlingKey - The Perfect Keyboard Hack

Product Feature: SterlingKey - The Perfect Keyboard Hack


The SterlingKey is a small device snuggled inside a custom-made enclosure that allows you to connect any keyboard with a USB-A slot to three devices. It uses Bluetooth to allow you to seamlessly move between devices with only a touch.



In the video above you can see the smooth transition between the user’s desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. No need for wires, no need to replace a battery (its rechargeable), 


Other key features:


  • Works with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, or Android
  • Length 9.8cm, Height 3cm, Width 2.9cm
  • High quality components have been used to ensure your keyboard is not damaged
  • Every multimedia key is fully supported - volume up/down, play/pause, browser, home, search etc.
  • Supports QMK/VIA macros and shortcuts





Alex, the creator of SterlingKey, has this to say about his invention: 


“SterlingKey is more than a product for me. It's the first ever hardware-related project that I made from start to finish and brought to the market. I'm mainly a software developer, but hardware has always fascinated me. I've been a software developer for around 12 years, and I've been tinkering with Arduino for the last 8 years with small projects. This is the first time I created my own PCB and designed a product, and I couldn't be prouder.

My keyboard has been a faithful companion for years, and I wanted to extend its life while enhancing my productivity. Thus, SterlingKey was born - a solution to convert my wired keyboard into wireless using Bluetooth in order to be able to pair it with multiple devices at the same time. It baffled me that such a product wasn't already available, so I took it upon myself to create it. After a year, several iterations, and thankfully not many failed prototypes, SterlingKey was sold through GroupGets.

The journey was definitely not easy; there were many obstacles in the way, not only in the hardware, but also the software, the design, the manufacturing process, the logistics, and beyond. With each obstacle, I've learned and grown, building a community of enthusiasts along the way, and improving SterlingKey with every day that passes. You can join me in this journey in my forum or in my discord server.”

Alex has built a thriving community within his forum and discord server, so if you want to take advantage of that, and get ahold of Alex’s passion project (and see what he put so much time and effort into), head over to the SterlingKey product page and grab yours. It will change the way you type.

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