GroupGets Making Headlines!

GroupGets Making Headlines!

The word is getting out about GroupGets and publications are picking it up! We’ve recently been featured in the Huffington Post, Pacific Coast Business Times, Noozhawk, and the popular tech website DIY Drones.

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GroupGets featured in the Huffington Post

Jack Nadel, author and global entrepreneur, wrote an article titled “Best Career Advice: Find a Need and Fill It” that was featured on Huffington Post. Nadel used his experience to explain that businesses need to fulfill consumers needs. He used GroupGets as the perfect example! Nadel wrote:

“A brand new startup that recently identified a need and decided to fill it is, a crowd-buying platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to set up group buying campaigns for goods or services that are only available in high minimum order quantities with high ticket prices, thresholds that are particularly cumbersome for innovation with new technology components. The founders discovered an opportunity after their own challenge emerged with needing to purchase a component for a project that was only available in large order quantities of $100,000 or more. They created a secure website that works for those who only want to buy in smaller quantities, as it unites single buyers to fill bulk orders collectively, as well as those selling the goods and services as it provides merchants access to new customers.”

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GroupGets featured in Pacific Coast Business Times

Pacific Coast Business Times is a weekly business journal for Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. They featured GroupGets stating:

“… while the crowdfunding sites’ final products are sold to help pool money for the projects and ventures themselves, makers are left in the cold when it comes to obtaining the supplies needed to make the product a reality.”

That’s where we come in!

The Santa Barbara publication Noozhawk recently featured us in their business section. “There’s a new crowd-sourcing tool in town, and it caters exclusively to individuals or manufacturers who want to buy existing products.” Noozhawk also highlighted our involvement with local company and manufacturer FLIR Systems, specifically our campaigns with FLIR’s Lepton Thermal Imagers.

Screenshot from BizHawk

GroupGets featured in Noozhawk.

We’re excited to be featured in all of these publications and we look forward to many more. Share your thoughts of GroupGets on Facebook and Twitter!

-The GroupGets Team

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