GroupGets is Honored as Finalist for NCET’s 2020 Technology Company of the Year!

GroupGets is Honored as Finalist for NCET’s 2020 Technology Company of the Year!

RENO, Nev. (March 10, 2020) — Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET), announced today GroupGets as a finalist for the 2020 NCET Technology Company of the Year award.  The winner  will be announced at the NCET Technology Awards on March 26 at 5 p.m. in the Mt. Rose Ballroom of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.


Dozens of companies use GroupGets to access products and secure bulk pricing used to build their products.  For example, in 2019, the GroupGets Platform enabled the funding and production of over 5000 AudioMoth data loggers for conservation research in rainforests and jungles across the planet. The devices listen for specific animal and insect activity and illegal poaching and logging. Its use for this purpose was cited by researchers on Wiley’s Society for Conservation Biology as part of a general framework to leverage open source hardware and GroupGets for conservation efforts. In addition, GroupGets’ in-house engineering team developed the world's smallest commercially available 160x120 radiometric thermal camera system, the “PureThermal Mini,” for the FLIR Lepton LWIR Camera Core. The system is embedded into OEM medical, automotive, and industrial applications and the entire “PureThermal” product line, all manufactured in Reno, was picked up by tier one electronics distributor, Digi-Key electronics. 2019 was the also the first year that the site achieved an Alexa rank in the top 65,000 of all US websites.


Now in its 13th year, the NCET Technology Awards celebrate the Northern Nevada individuals and companies who have greatly enhanced the growth and prestige of the technology community, while the EDAWN Awards recognize the people and resources that have played an integral part in contributing to the growth of our community.


Additionally, for the first time in NCET Tech Awards history, women and women-owned businesses make up half of this year's award winners. From academic professionals to artificial intelligence operators, these women represent the great technological landscape in northern Nevada.


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Each year, the NCET Technology Company of the Year award is presented to the Northern Nevada technology company which achieves significant sales/revenue growth, employee growth, and a positive effect on the area’s technology industry.  Special consideration is given to companies that demonstrate significant patent, R&D and IP activity, as well as active participation in industry activities such as standards setting, advocacy and education.



About GroupGets:

GroupGets is a Crowd Purchasing Platform and e-commerce site for technology products. The Platform democratizes access to high minimum order quantity goods and eases production funding friction for businesses via its zero-risk preorder process. Defiantly bootstrapped yet organically growing, GroupGets transacts millions annually in hardware production and sales to over 60 countries. Additionally, an opportunistic developer of high-margin electronics based on market intelligence from the Platform, GroupGets manufactures in Reno and ships to acclaimed companies and research institutions worldwide. A Premier Partner of FLIR Systems, remarkably, GroupGets is also an internationally recognized leader in thermal imaging system innovation and distribution.



About NCET:

Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, Northern Nevada’s largest educational and networking organization, is a member-supported nonprofit organization that produces educational and networking events to help people explore business and technology. NCET’s award-winning programs include the annual NCET Small Business Expo and NCET Tech Showcase and Awards, the monthly Biz Bite and Special Event luncheons and the monthly Tech Wednesday and Biz Café events. NCET is funded by memberships, sponsorships and program revenues, and receives no state or Federal funding. NCET is not affiliated with the State of Nevada nor the University of Nevada. For more information, visit

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