FLIR One 2nd Generation Review

FLIR One 2nd Generation Review

It’s easy to have fun with FLIR’s latest thermal FLIR One camera. It’s perfect for tech developers and newbies alike. The ease of use is definitely one of the selling points, keeping the camera attached to an iPhone or Android.

We put together an instructional video for the device, which includes the new ultra small Lepton camera. Learn more below:

The GroupGets Team made two trips recently to test out the 2nd gen FLIR One. First we went to the DARPA Robotics Challenge in Pomona, Ca. Cheering on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, their robot named Hubo made an impressive showing at the event. Below are some thermal images using the 2nd generation FLIR One camera.

Thermal image of a robot on a hoist

Thermal Image of a stadium ground and audience

Last month the GroupGets team jetted off to San Francisco for the FLIR Hacker and Maker Challenge. Teams of contestants came together to create innovate ways to use FLIR products. Check out our previous blog post with more details on the event.

Thermal image of an audience and speaker

Then the 4th of July weekend provided a very obvious way to demonstrate the FLIR One capabilities. BBQ’s of course! View our video below showing the heat emanating from the grill. Now who else is craving hot dogs?

Learn more about the 2nd generation FLIR One at

-The GroupGets Team

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