FLIR Hackathon Challenge in San Francisco

FLIR Hackathon Challenge in San Francisco

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The FLIR Systems Developer Program hosted the challenge for teams of hackers and makers to compete against one another using the FLIR One Lepton accessory. The theme was, if you were a superhero with a thermal imaging sixth sense, what would YOUR super power be?

Sashi from GroupGets

Sashi from GroupGets/Pure Engineering

FLIR provided all the tools and training available to help the teams succeed. Up to 10k in prizes were available for these innovators. The GroupGets team was happy to be part of it!

We were fortunate to directly watch thermal video enable innovation in gesture-based gaming, non-intrusive human body position detecting for medical and security applications, and augmented/blended reality.

A panel with an audience watching

FLIR Systems provided lectures and mentor sessions for teams, designers, and developers.

GroupGets custom Raspberry Pi 2 Kit

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and FLIR Lepton Dev Kit

FLIR asked us to create a custom Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and FLIR Lepton Starter Kit and we were happy to oblige.

This has you everything you need to get mixed daylight and thermal video on a Raspberry Pi2 in a flexible platform that enables useful and educational applications. It comes with an 8GB Micro-SD card, preloaded with Raspbian OS and GroupGets’ custom test applications to confirm that your thermal and daylight video setup is working on boot-up so that you can develop your own applications quickly.

A person giving a thumbs up in front of a thermal overlayed image on a television

*Demo of the GroupGets Raspberry Pi Lepton kit by Chris and Ian.

It’s easy to plug and play. Everything is already installed and ready to go, just add your choice of lepton available as an accessory.

This item quickly became a participant favorite and was used during the event. Chris and Ian (pictured above) used our custom Raspberry Pi Lepton kit during the FLIR Hackathon.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and other games with the controller being a thermal imaging camera

A stand out was this awesome thermal video game controller by Andrew from WashSense and his team. The #FLIROneHackerParty was out in full force.

Thermal image of an audience

Everyone had fun playing with the 2nd generation FLIR One thermal imaging camera. The GroupGets team even put together an informational video to help others get started with the newest FLIR One.

Winners of the FLIR hackathon

Congrats to all the winners, this was truly an inspirational event. Special thanks to FLIR Systems for hosting!

-The GroupGets Team

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