First Campaign Milestone

First Campaign Milestone

Today is an exciting milestone for the GroupGets team and its partners. We just closed our first campaign to bring a cutting-edge component directly from the manufacturer to small and independent developers throughout the world to give them access to something otherwise unattainable.

At the flir-lepton @ portal setup by Pure Engineering, we are already seeing collaboration and ideas flow before people even have their Leptons. Some of our friends have been updating the sample code at the Github repo so that the campaign backers have great building blocks on multiple platforms by the time that they get their Leptons.

The factory order was placed a few days ago and we expect to have units to ship to everyone in less than a week. For those who ordered the breakout boards at, over 100 have been produced and are in transit now to us. Many more are also going to be produced for subsequent batches so if your friends missed out or if you need more, The Lepton Batch 2 campaign is already open.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank everyone that helped to make this a success and we hope that this is just the beginning for this platform. We definitely have more exciting things planned as we ramp up.

Please note that the platform exists to enable anyone to initiate secure group buys online for anything. Since we are makers ourselves, our sponsored group buys will mostly be maker-focused, but the platform is not limited to that. Alternatively, if you are a producer of great products wanting to reach a global aggregation of smaller yet motivated makers, we want to hear from you because we know that we can help.

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