We enable big ideas
We started GroupGets to give independent developers, makers, and businesses the same access to things and pricing as larger players.
Ron Justin
Chief Executive Officer Ron has over a decade designing embedded systems for wireless telecom and nuclear non-proliferation apps. More recently he led TrackR Inc's initial iOS development team and currently serves as technical advisor to UNLV's Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. When not hacking he's either trail running, snowboarding, or savoring a good pint.
Kurt Kiefer
Chief Technical Officer A computer engineer whose passions run the gamut of large scale distributed systems to 8-bit microcontrollers, Kurt has led many hardware and software projects, both in and out of his day job. When he’s not trying out a new web framework, he’s probably in the garage making it work on his automated homebrewing setup.
Sashi Ono
Chief Science Officer Sashi is a father, embedded systems guru, multi-award-winning competitive robot designer, DIY drone builder, Android hacker, advisor to many start-ups, and the founder of Pure Engineering LLC. We think that he may have made some contributions to alien technology discoveries too.
Lauren Bray
Social Media / Marketing Lauren has over 6 years of experience working with small companies and startups to develop a grassroots social media presence and brand awareness. With a Master of Arts in Psychology, her marketing and creativity will stamp the psyche of consumers and clients alike. She also enjoys a robust Pinot Noir with any (all) kinds of cheese.
Matthew Navarro
Head of Operations Matthew has experience designing and modeling in 3D for over a decade, he is also experienced in client side programming, and was an Editor for OCN for many years. He is an avid photographer and a motorcycle enthusiast.
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Welcome to GroupGets! Back in 2013 we were trying to get special-purpose processors for a passion project that were only sold in lots of 1000, we were surprised to find that a secure platform for initiating group buys for EXISTING things did not exist. The major crowdfunding sites were only for new product ideas, not existing stuff. While we are fans of traditional crowdfunding sites, they neglect people like us who are looking to team up online with people worldwide to acquire a widget or service that has a high minimum order quantity or that is a lot cheaper in volume.

So in true DIY spirit we built GroupGets to help people initiate or join group buys and collectively share product experiences. Vaporware and year-long shipping delays are not served here.

Makers, hobbyists, DIYers, crafters, artists, audiophiles, and deal hackers welcome.

Get some!

The GroupGets Team