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Vital Systems

Vital Systems

Vital Systems offers what few companies offer: the finest in electronic manufacturing and the experience to help our customers design new products. With our manufacturing background we design new products for manufacturability and with it comes reliability while at the same time keeping the manufacturing cost low.

Vital Systems Corporation was established in 1986. With a single mission to provide the highest quality services. We received navy’s highest certification to manufacture Department of Defense electronics. Since then, we have produced equipment for the US Navy, US Air Force, and many defense contractors namely Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and others. Today, our customers include industrial leaders located nationwide. One such company is Tesla that relies heavily on our quality of service.

As a design company we have designed and engineered military and industrial products. For the US Navy we engineered their Ship Self Defense Systems to withstand 85g shock and another equipment engineered to meet 120g shock.

We also design and build machinery for unique processes to increase efficiency and also to reduce manufacturing cost.