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AJProTech is a Product Development partner to create new solutions for Consumer electronics, Internet of Things, Sports Tech, Wearables, and AR/VR. We cover entire cycle: feasibility study, Electrical engineering, Mechanical design, Prototyping, and launch of manufacturing.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, AJProTech is the premier product engineering studio for smart products. AJProTech helps companies build innovative, connected hardware, and works with the Internet of Things, Consumer Electronics, Sports Tech, and more. The studio provides the full cycle of product development from idea to mass production.

Services include product development, electrical engineering, product and mechanical design, and mobile app development. AJProTech has a wide global network of supply chains and contract manufacturers to help build and scale products.

Two global offices: HQ in Los Angeles, CA, and R&D center in Taipei, Taiwan.