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Advertise to Over a Million Hardware Developers

We're partnering with Hackster.io to offer marketing packages that will get your GroupGets campaign in front of the largest hardware development community!

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With millions of impressions, the Hackster.io website offers prime real estate for brands looking to reach a targeted audience across AI, blockchain, home automation, robotics, wearables, VR, voice, and many other topics.

1,500,000+ Website Visitors

500,000+ Social Media Followers

600,000+ Newsletter Subscribers

500,000+ Blog Visitors

How This Helps You

Leveraging Hackster’s constantly growing audience of hardware developers can give your GroupGets campaign the boost it deserves. Why should you have to spend your time on finding the right people to purchase your campaign when we have a community ready to be invested in what you've built?

Promote your campaign fast

Have engaged hardware developers exposed to your campaign

We take care of all the details

Our team is here to help you reach your goal

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One Month of Social Media Promotion

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