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Drift Trikes are essentially adult big-wheels, a tricycle with a 20" front wheel on a BMX fork, and rear wheels consisting of go-kart tires lined with 10" PVC or HDPE pipe. The plastic sleeve on the rear wheels allows for super easy drifting, even at low speed. This sport started out with downhill runs, but is evolving into flatland electric powered racing.


All American Makers on Science Channel test riding the Verrado
Local Motors Verrado preview video
Local Motors Verrado announcement and demonstration video
3rd party video which shows unpacking and building
Local Motors Verrado in a skate park
3rd party testing the Verrado out
Local Motors and pro boarder test the Verrado on LA streets

GroupGets on Verrado


  • Frame: 1.75″ x .120″ Steel Tubing
  • Front Wheel: 1000w Electric Hub Motor, 17" Rim 20" Tire
  • Rear Wheels: 5 3/8" Steel Wheels, 9.5" Karting Tires
  • PVC Sleeves: 9.5″ inner diameter, 7/8″ thick PVC sleeves
  • Battery: 48V 9Ah (charges within 2-3 hours and are under factory warranty)
  • Dimensions: 59"L x 36"W x 29"H
  • Weight: 73lbs (33.11kg)
  • Powerful Electric Hub Motor Built Into The Front Wheel
  • Regenerative Braking
  • High-Quality Lithium Cobalt Manganese Battery Charges In About 4 Hours -
  • Cushioned Seat
  • From experience, we highly recommend wearing pants when going aggro on Verrado

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