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Hamamatsu Photonics

For over 60 years, the first and foremost mission of Hamamatsu Photonics has been to advance photonic technologies. Still to this day pushing the boundaries of their domain with a focus on R&D, Hamamatsu has emerged as the top developer of photoelectron conversion technologies in the world.

C12666MA Micro-Spectrometer

The Hamamatsu C12666MA MEMS Micro-spectrometer is a unique and high quality electronic color sensor in the size of a fingertip. It is less than half of the volume of the previous generation of miniature spectrometers and because of that it landed on our radar as an interesting new...

C12880MA Micro-Spectrometer

The Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS micro-spectrometer detects wavelengths of light (i.e. colors) and their intensities. It succeeds the C12666MA with a greater sensitivity and spectral range. Its...