Nichia U233A U365 UV-LED PCB

Nichia U233A U365 UV-LED PCB by GetLab


This is a custom PCB for the unique and rare Nichia NVSU233A U365 High Power UV-LED that we've closed a few GroupGet rounds for. We made the board to make the LED easier to prototype with. You can solder wires to the outer pads and thread them through the non-conductive holes to make the LED a leaded part and fit the total assembly into flashlight housings. See the video below for an example.

There are probably many other LED's that could use this board as well. We made sure that the board can sink enough heat for a 1W LED by putting down a lot of copper - the entire back side of the board is a copper fill.

The PCB diameter is designed to fit inside of a standard 16mm flashlight housing - it should fit into larger housings as well. The ".brd" file is freely available at OSH Park at the link below - OSH is where we get them made for our store.

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