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Lepton Breakout Board Cases by GetLab


The Lepton Breakout Cases for the FLIR Lepton Breakout Board are a great way to protect your Lepton and breakout board. The premium case features a jumper wire lock and mountable stand. The mountable stand has a tapped hole with 1/4" 20 threads for a tripod mount. The stand is not required for the case to work. The regular case will protect your thermal camera just as well as the premium case, so if you need to save money the regular case may be for you. These cases are compatible with the 50° Lepton with and without shutter as well as the 25° Lepton.


  • Premium Case (with base)

    • Weight - 14 grams
    • Dimensions - 35 x 47.6 x 34.8 (mm WxHxD)
  • Standard Case

    • Weight - 5 grams
    • Dimensions - 34.8 x 28 x 15.9 (mm WxHxD)


  • The .stl files are available on Thingaverse to buy at cost or print yourself for free.

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