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Flytron is an innovative RC and electronics design workshop that is based in Canterbury, UK. They are the makers of the famous DroneThermal board that makes it easy to get analog video out of the FLIR Lepton for UAV and security applications. Full of surprises, we are always intrigued by the clever and quality products that they come up with.

DroneThermal v3 Micro UAV Thermal Camera Board

The DroneThermal Micro UAV breakout board for the FLIR Lepton thermal imagers is designed to output PAL or NTSC analog thermal video from the Lepton instead of its standard digital output.

Standard video output is much more convenient to work with UAV transmitters.


DroneThermal Camera Case

3D Printed Case for Drone Thermal and 25º Lepton. This case can be screwed on or glued onto the DroneThermal v3 Micro UAV Thermal Camera Board. Add some protection to your DroneThermal v3 Micro UAV Thermal Camera Board with the simple 3D printed case.


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AmbiLED HD - Ambient Light Kit for Computer Monitors

The AmbiLED HD is the first high resolution ambient light conversation kit for computer monitors, with 16 million color range RGB LED's and a simple adhesive backed LED strip design you will have everything up and running in no time.

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The Strobon v2 is the most powerful model navigation lights you can get, the new v2 is now configurable with 5 patterns to choose from:

  • Strobe (Legendary Strobon v1 strobe effect. 3 fast flashes like xenon wing tip flash lights)
  • Blink (Simulates belly or tail lights. Continuous...