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Bread Inc.

Bread Inc is a California startup with a mission to make the modern connected electronic product design process fast, easy, and inexpensive. We design software and hardware products that help entrepreneurs, OEM's, engineers and creatives alike apply LEAN and AGILE methodologies to their connected product development.

Our online web platform allows users of all experience levels to design the whole backbone of their hardware solutions. With Bread Inc, users are able to generate custom firmware for their devices, design and implement mobile apps, provision cloud servers, and create web dashboards for handling and displaying data – with or without technical expertise. Bread Inc is optimized for startups and established companies that are developing internet connected products, enabling them to:

  1. Save time – Complete product cycles can be done in days.
  2. Save money – No large, upfront hardware R&D.
  3. Gain control – Ownership over the design and control of the product remain in-house.