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Hackster Launch

A New Era of Hardware Crowdfunding


What happens when you combine our tried-and-true crowd purchasing platform, made by actual hardware developers for hardware developers, with the most vibrant community of hardware creators at Hackster? We not only dared to ask, we made it happen, and it's called Hackster Launch. Welcome to a new era of hardware crowdfunding backed by a deep integration of technical, marketing, community, supply chain, and distribution support.

Quality Over Quantity

Early Adopter Validation

Global Awareness

Key Benefits

Production and logistics support

Multiple distribution options post successful campaign

Leverages two large communities of hardware enthusiasts

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STM32G031 Core Module


The STM32G031 is part of the ST Value series of microcontroller and is the simplest micro controller to work with as it comes with a very easy to solder SO8N...

kimχ micro


Limited Release Available Now! Kimχ micro is a compact, open hardware SBC. It's about the size of a Raspberry Pi Zero, but packs a more powerful NXP i.MX...



Coming Soon!.. The ChronoPy is a hacker-friendly, CircuitPython-powered wristwatch based on the 2020 Open Hardware Summit badge. It features various sensors...

nRF9160 FeatherWing


The nRF9160 Feather by Jared Wolff (aka Circuit Dojo LLC) is an electronics development board. It features a Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160-SICA part...



The OrangeCrab is an electronics development board. It is FPGA based featuring an ECP5 from Lattice. The board follows the slim feather board specification...

QuickDAQ.mikroBUS™ Next Generation Development System


The QuickDAQ.mikroBUS™ can be thought of as a board that provides your computer with the same low-level peripherals that a microcontroller has, such as GPIO...



The ATMegaZero is a microcontroller board based on the Microchip ATMega32U4 microchip, the same chip used in the Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Micro.



A simple FPGA board for experiments with high speed LVDS interfaces. 3 Standard connectors with an onboard GigE link.



tCam-Mini is a small wireless streaming thermal imaging camera designed by Dan Julio to make it easy to get & use radiometric data from a FLIR Lepton 3.5 sensor

PureThermal OpenMV


The PureThermal OpenMV features the OV5640, Lepton 3.5, 64 MB of SDRAM, 32 MB of QSPI flash, an SD card slot, WiFi via the WINC1500, DVI out for driving an...

ATMegaZero ESP32-S2


A full-featured development board based on the Espressif Esp32-S2 microchip. Designed to be secure with high performance and a rich set of IO capabilities. ...

LTE CAT-M1 / NB-IOT / EGPRS GNSS Feather Compatible shield


qTop BG96 LTE/GNSS AFC Shield is a Feather Compatible shield. Use together with Adafruit Feather Compatible IOT board to get cellular connectivity and location.

Larson Scanner 2021


Larson Scanner 2021 is the 4th revision of this popular product. This version has way more features! ATtiny3216 and 16 addressable RGB LEDs...

Pi Knox


Raspberry Pi 2-channel solid-state relay and PSU for 6-24 VDC applications. 40-pin stackable header and 3 screw terminals, plus 3 barrel jacks included...

AudioMoth v1.1.0 (Round 10)


The AudioMoth is a low-cost, full-spectrum acoustic logger. AudioMoth can listen for audible frequencies and well into ultrasonic frequencies. ...

BattLab-One (Round 2)


Simulates battery voltages and captures the current consumption profile of your device. Use the software to optimize battery life using “what-if” analysis.

Omnichip devkit


Enables chip customization through fast and easy programming tools. Includes zGlue’s OmniChip, an SoC solution for smart home and consumer wearable IoT devices.

Pure STM32WL Feather


Getting started with the STM32WL now is easier. with an integrated cortex M4 and M0, a LoRa compatible radio, and a user-friendly pinout...

Pick-N-Place Wheel


The Pick-N-Place Wheel is a complete solution for manual PCB assembly, component indexing and component storage.