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How to Crush your Campaign Goals

Transform bulk purchase constraints and complex projects into fully realized campaigns

Launching the Campaign

Create your GroupGets account, and complete the online campaign form for either a GroupBuy or a GroupFund. It takes just a few minutes to get your campaign listed.

  • You can engage your audience with photos, videos, and GIFs.
  • You can manage your campaign’s visibility to be public or invite-only.

Defining the Goal

Campaigns can close when a certain quantity of items have been purchased, after a set amount of time or both.

  • Your payout is secure since we give an additional 5 days after the campaign closes to ensure that all payments are settled.
  • You choose the rewards and benefits your backers can get.

Promoting the Campaign

We’ll help you get your campaign in front of potential backers on our social media channels and email list, and provide you the tools you need to promote amongst your network.

  • We’ll create a campaign marketing project to build even more excitement and engagement for your campaign.
  • We’ll collaborate with you on what custom software, hardware, or 3D-printed accessories to entice backers with even more value.

Collecting the Funds

Nobody is charged a penny until you successfully fulfill your goal, with no deposits or upfront fees. Here’s what to expect:

  • Independent developers are charged a 4-10% platform fee subject to determination + a 2.9% convenience fee.
  • Businesses are charged a flat platform fee of 20%.
  • If you would like for us to manage your electronics production, there is an additional fee depending on the project's complexity.

Fulfilling the Orders

We provide a shipping calculator for backers at checkout to choose their desired provider and class level from a wide variety of options.

  • Purchases will be shipped directly to backers from GroupGets.
  • Tracking numbers are sent to each backer just before we ship.
  • We do not cover VAT or import duties for any shipment.

Partnering for the Next Campaign

Ready for a round 2 and beyond? Once all orders are shipped, campaign creators are invited to launch more campaigns.

  • We'll restock successful or hard-to-get items in our store to make sure future purchases are easier and faster.
  • Our distribution partners may offer to carry your product if your campaign is successful.

Get Paid for Successful Campaigns

Successful campaign initiators will get paid 2% of the total collected campaign funds, in addition to the satisfaction of getting a great price on a high value item and helping other buyers get the same deal.

Offer not valid for companies, organizations, or individuals selling their own products or services.

Why GroupGet Something?

Better Prices

In addition to accessing products that would ordinarily be off-limits because of minimum order quantities, group buying gets you the lowest possible price through bulk discounts.

Collaborative Consumption

Even if you can afford to place a bulk order, you may not need the entire lot. GroupGets enables you to find purchasing partners to get bulk pricing, without wasting a single item.

Risk-Free Group Purchasing

GroupGets is a secure third-party platform that handles the collection of funds, product purchasing, and shipping, if the vendor will not ship to multiple parties.
GroupGets eliminates the risks associated with open-source group buying. It’s impossible for a single person to disappear with the group’s funds or products. We ensure that everyone gets what they paid for.

Secure Platform

Group purchasing through GroupGets is just as secure as making a purchase through a standard online retailer. Your payment and personal information are processed and stored in a completely encrypted system, and your information is never shared with other backers.

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Cooperate and help like-minded buyers

Check out our active campaigns to discover what you can get through group buying, and maybe steal an idea or two for launching your own GroupGets campaign.

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Help bring power to the people

Help your community discover great bulk deals. Or get help purchasing something that’s locked behind a minimum order restriction. It only takes a few minutes to launch your campaign and start finding backers.

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