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We Fund Technological Expeditions too Smart for Traditional Crowdfunding

A Crowdfunding Platform for R&D - No Shipping Required

GroupFund is for developers, hackers, conservationists, and researchers developing and deploying tech to innovate the digital and natural world without the constraint of having to build and deliver a product to backers.

Whether you want to give a middle finger to the chip shortage by developing your own chips, or give a hand to conservation efforts, GroupFund is the platform to support complex technical projects and deployments that have value without shipping a physical product.

Get the Tech Out of the Lab!

We want to help with a variety of projects that challenge digital constraints and investigate ecological effects.

Created out of necessity to evolve and assist due to the chip shortage dramatically reducing our community’s ability to build hardware, as well as our own, GroupFund opens an exciting new chapter for our platform.

How GroupFund Works


Create Your Campaign

Sign up for an account and apply for your project to become a GroupFund campaign


Promote on the Platform

Once you’re approved and live, work with our team on how to spread the word about your mission


Fund Your Goal

Backers directly contribute to your project regardless if you meet your target - we only charge a 7% + $0.30 fee for processing, promotion, and support

Projects We Support

Deploying technology for research expeditions

Developing open source software

Designing open source chip/IPs

Publishing research and development

Adding features to existing products

Adding security patches in existing products

The Crowdfunding Center for Research & Development

There’s no other crowdfunding resource specifically for missions focused in technology development and deployment. Back and get backed for tech initiatives that have lasting impact.

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