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Hack the Minimum Order Quantity With The GroupGets Group Buying Guide

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Inside You’ll Learn

  • How to use Group Buys to hack the minimum order quantity or launch a new product.
  • How other companies have launched successful group buying campaigns.
  • How to Market Your Campaign.

Enable Your Big Idea

Are you an independent developer, maker, or small business the either needs access to a new product which is restricted by a high minimum order quantity? Do you have a prototype ready for manufacturing, but can’t seem to raise the funds to get the ball rolling.

At GroupGets, we empower businesses, developers, and makers to the same access and pricing as larger players.

Some Successful Group Buys


Full Spectrum Acoustic Logger

Group buying guide audiomoth

Crowdfunded Production


Electric Drift Trike

Group buying guide verrado

Inventory Liquidation

FLIR Lepton

Thermal Imaging Camera

Group buying guide lepton

New Product Introduction


40MSPS DAQ BeagleBone Bundle

Group buying guide prudaq

Promotional Bundle Discount

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