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Would GPM alone work well for tracking a moving object from a moving platform – like tracking a plane from a boat?

For Geo-Positioning (GPM) to work, the position of the pan tilt unit (PTU) must be known in 6 axes: Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Roll, Pitch, Yaw. If the PTU is on a moving platform, then these values are constantly changing. For the standard user is it easy to update Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. But to correctly measure Roll, Pitch and Yaw is difficult. Because Roll, Pitch and Yaw are hard to measure, FLIR offers a calibration routine for those values. However, this routine takes several minutes to complete and requires pointing at known landmarks. Unless you stop your moving platform, recalibrate, point, and then start moving again, the calibration values will no longer be valid after completing the routine. This is the fundamental challenge with ‘GPM on the move’ or ‘GPM with ISM’. (ISM = Inertial Stabilization, this feature helps reduce motion in the image caused by platform movement.)

Using GPM from a moving platform is possible if you can constantly update the PTU`s position in all 6 axes and the target position in 3 axes (latitude, longitude, altitude). If these updates can be constantly made, it should be possible to run ISM and GPM at the same time, however this capability has not been tested by FLIR.