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Will FLIR provide the inputs it uses for NVTherm models? Does FLIR run NVTherm models for customers?

FLIR`s Engineering team has adopted the following general policy regarding modeling inputs and outputs:

As required, detection range models can be performed for major proposals where standard configurations are insufficient, and where a custom configuration and the model inputs/outputs are necessary to secure the business. In cases like this, the opportunity must undergo a business worthiness assessment to justify the use of engineering resources.

The Engineering team does not perform or support “what-if” modeling for customers, except as part of a sanctioned business development activity. If a customer is having difficulty determining from the product specifications that FLIR provides (pixel size, lens focal length, and NEdT) as to whether or not a certain system’s performance is sufficient for their application, then using a more complex model like NVTherm is very unlikely to get the customer closer to a reliable answer.