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Why doesn’t DDE appear to have an effect on AGC?

Digital Data Enhancement (DDE) is similar to a sharpening filter, and relies on a nominal amount of contrast in the image to produce meaningful results. In very low contrast scenes, DDE may not have much, if any effect.

Linear, manual, auto-bright, and once-bright Automatic Gain Control (AGC) modes in FLIR’s Tau2 and Quark2 cameras are not affected by DDE and are true linear transformations from 14-bits to 8-bits. DDE only affects the non-linear transformations from 14-bit video data to AGC’d 8-bit data: Histogram Equalization (HEQ); Information-Based (IB); and IB-HEQ modes.

Boson does not have separate manual, auto-bright, and once-bright modes. DDE will always be a valid option for post-AGC output, but not for pre-AGC output.

Keywords: Boson, Tau2, Quark2