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Where can I find additional information about Muon?

General information can be accessed at the main page for Muon.

A specifications table for the Muon 336 and 640 provides more detailed information.

FLIR’s Applications Engineering department is a resource for obtaining additional help, or information such as drawings and Interface Description Documents (IDDs). Apps Engineering can be contacted via email at

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to OEM products including Muon can be found at FLIR’s Knowledge Base.

The KB can be used to display product questions and answers in different ways:
  • To search for a specific term (e.g., “integration” or “time constant”), enter the word or words in the search box (without quotes), then press Search;
  • Click on ‘Muon’ in the product list on the left side of the page to see all of the Muon questions ONLY;
  • Use the term “Muon” without quotes as the search term to see a list of all Muon-related questions AND answers.