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Where and how do I mount the PathFindIR?

This answer applies to the first-generation PathFindIR. Content needs to be developed for the PathFindIR II, which includes a separate electronic control unit (ECU) and mounting bracket.

The PathFindIR must be mounted outside of the vehicle`s passenger compartment, since thermal imaging systems cannot see through glass. Typically, units are installed behind the front grill (attached to the frame or bumper for stability) and in front of the radiator, to approximate the driver`s viewing angle. The PathFindIR has two mounting locations on the sides of the enclosure. These tapped holes are designed for M4 screws, and incorporate self-locking helicoil inserts. FLIR offers a universal mounting bracket for sale as a PathFindIR accessory, which furnishes several tapped holes for mounting convenience.