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What joystick options are available for FLIR`s Pan Tilt Units?

The PT-DCJ is FLIR`s own joystick. The data sheet can be viewed at: This joystick supports one preset, but does not support zoom.

A third-party joystick is supported, but not offered for sale by FLIR. Contact FLIR at for more details. This third-party joystick supports multiple presets and zoom (see note below about zoom). FLIR`s implementation of this option is not as robust as our other command formats. Gaming joystick – FLIR offers software that allows the PTU to be commanded from a gaming style joystick. The joystick and PTU require a host computer. This option provides support for zoom on cameras that are VISCA compliant.

Notes about zoom: Zoom is a feature of the customer`s payload. Some form of communication has to be made with the payload in order to enable it. There are a couple different options:
  • Run a separate cable to the payload for zoom control.
  • DCJ – no additional support required.
  • Third party – the third-party commands must be split out from the controller with a multi-drop cable.
  • Gaming Joystick – requires a separate serial port on the host computer.
  • On the D48E, D100E, or D300E, TTL serial communication output is used. The PL02 configuration offers 3 TTL outputs. These outputs could be connected to zoom inputs on a camera, however it may not be possible to access the commands for the TTL outputs from any of the joystick options listed above.
  • On D48E, D100E or D300E use serial out – The PL01 configuration offers 2 serial outputs. These outputs could be connected to the camera to control zoom if the camera supports serial zoom control. It may not be possible to access this from any of the joysticks listed.