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What is the purpose or advantage of the Camera Link accessory for Tau SWIR?

The Camera Link accessory for Tau SWIR is an add-on board that provides a standard Camera Link connector for digital video. However, the CL accessory does not allow communication with the camera through the Camera Link interface, it only passes video data. A separate USB connector (part of the CL accessory) provides both power and communication. The Camera Link adapter also furnishes a mini-coaxial (MCX) connector for analog video.

The premise of the Camera Link adapter is to allow quick setup on a bench top for testing. It is not envisioned as an accessory to be used in high volume by an OEM as part of a higher level system or finished-goods product.

Note that the Camera Link data from this adapter is derived from the CMOS data (either 8-bit or 14-bit).

Without this Camera Link adapter, a 5V power supply would be needed to the TEC board, as well as a separate cable to the Hirose 50-pin connector that provides camera power, communication, external sync (if required), and either the 4-pair (plus clock) Camera Link or one of the parallel digital data outputs (CMOS 14-bit or 8-bit, or BT.656), and finally, the analog video available from the Hirose 50 pin connector.