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What is the material specification of the camera frame used in FLIR`s OEM modules?

FLIR`s OEM camera frames and lens holders are fabricated from the most common magnesium alloy used in the thixotropic casting industry, AZ91D-F. The lens holders used for Tau2 and Boson cameras are coated with a plasma electrolytic oxidation material called Keronite, an advanced surface treatment for magnesium and other light alloys such as aluminum and titanium. The Keronite process produces hard, dense ceramic surface layers which enhance the durability of components by delivering wear resistance and corrosion protection in the most demanding of applications. A cathodic epoxy electrocoat (E-coating) is used to provide the black color and further corrosion protection. The Keronite is 10-12μ thick, and the E-coating is 15μ thick. Keywords: Boson, Tau2, Quark2