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What is the I O module and how does it differ from going directly into a monitor or PC?

This question applies to the legacy Photon camera models. The Photon product line and its accessories have been discontinued. The information here is provided for historical reference. The I/O module was an optional accessory for FLIR`s Photon family of thermal cameras. I/O = Input/Output. The I/O module was essentially a break-out box, in the form of a molded plastic accessory. There were connectors on four sides of the accessory:
  • Interface connector to the camera;
  • Power-in & Video-out connectors;
  • RS-232 connector;
  • Serial LVDS digital data connector.

The minimum interface to a Photon was power going into the camera, and NTSC (or PAL) video coming out of the camera. An optional accessory called a ‘Power/Video’ cable was sort of a hybrid of the Interface Cable and the I/O Module, except the only connectors at the I/O end were for power (in) and video (out). The power input jack was intended for a power supply such as the one offered by FLIR as part of the Photon Accessory Kit (Universal Power Supply with 6-foot cord). The input power jack mated to the Switchcraft S760 Miniature Power Plug. Pin definitions for the power interface connector on the power/video cable:

  • Pin # Signal Name Signal Definition
  • Pin PWR input power
  • Sleeve PWR_RTN input power return

Both the I/O Module and Power/Video cable were designed for use with legacy Photon 320 cameras that had the wearsaver connector and wearsaver cover accessories installed, or legacy Photon 640 cameras with the EMI cover accessory.