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What is the difference between the D46 and E46 pan-tilt units?

As of mid-2015, the E46 replaced the D46, and the D46 is considered to be a legacy product.

When the D46 pan tilt units were an active product, they were supplied with a PTU-D46 controller. These controllers are now end-of-life and have been replaced with the PTU-E46 controller. The pan tilt heads are still exactly the same.

Top level part numbers beginning with D46 have been replaced by the E46 equivalent. For example, a customer that previously purchased the D46-70-SS-000-SS would now need to purchase the E46-70-SS-000-SS.

Additional features supported by the E46 include:
  • Built-in Ethernet interface (web or TCP/IP)
  • Built-in geo-pointing (GPM)
  • Increased command rates
  • PTU-SDK (software development kit)
  • Pelco-D

The only physical differences are the addition of the Ethernet connector and the location of the power connector, which has been moved to the other side of the controller box.

Please refer to the PTU E46 datasheet and D46 End of Life Announcement for more information. Email with any related questions.