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What is the difference between the Boson Camera Link accessory and the Boson USB+Analog VPC Kit?

The Boson Camera Link adapter incorporates a mini-Camera Link connector that enables the camera to be interfaced to a Camera Link frame grabber, allowing the capture of digital 16-bit video data.

Note that the digital data can also be captured over the USB interface using the 16-bit monochrome UVC format “ Y16”. Many PC programs are able to request this format.

The USB/Analog VPC Kit consists of a small back-end board for Boson with a single USB-C interface connector. A bifurcated cable is furnished that enables power, communication, and digital video via USB-2, along with an analog video cable terminating in a female BNC connector.

The Boson User GUI is only compatible with Boson cameras – the FLIR Camera Controller GUI used for Tau2 and Quark2 cameras does not work with Boson. The protocol of the Boson cameras is entirely different, and, among other new features, allows real-time video from the Boson camera to be displayed within the GUI window on the host PC.