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What is the default exposure setting or integration time or shutter speed for FLIR`s uncooled cores? Is there an exposure setting in the Camera Control GUI?

Uncooled microbolometer devices need to integrate signal for a certain portion of each frame time. The terms exposure setting, integration time, and shutter speed are analogous to the time constant, which is the metric that FLIR uses for its uncooled sensors. The time constant is fixed in the design of the readout integrated circuit (ROIC). An exact time constant value is not specified because there can be slight variations in the manufacturing process of the readout integrated circuits (ROICs) used in FLIR`s uncooled devices.

The thermal time constant of Tau2 and Quark2 is estimated to be about 12 milliseconds. For the Tau2 640, the time constant has been measured by an agency of the U.S. government to be about 10 milliseconds.
Boson`s thermal time constant is about 8 milliseconds.

NOTE: The time constant is not a specified, controlled, tested, or reported parameter, and may vary slightly from camera to camera.