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What is included with a Tau2 or Quark2 camera delivery?

This depends on how the camera is specified, and whether or not any accessories are ordered. Tau2 and Quark2 cameras are positioned as high-volume thermal imaging components that customers integrate into products or systems of their own design. Most OEM customers interface directly to the camera`s native electrical connector for power (in), video (out), and other select functions. This connector also facilitates camera control and serial digital data if needed. The electrical connector used in Tau2 cameras is a 50-pin Hirose. The electrical connector used in Quark2 cameras is a 60-pin Hirose. Details of these connectors can be found in the respective User`s Guides, available here.

FLIR offers optional accessories, called expansion boards, for both Tau2 and Quark2. One of most popular is the video/power/communication module, or VPC. This is a small expansion board that attaches to the back of the camera. Two connectors are furnished: a mini-USB for power and communication; and an MCX for analog video. A USB and video cable is included.

The VPC module and other accessories for Tau2 can be viewed and ordered at the online FLIRshop.

A free camera control software program that is compatible with Tau2 and Quark2 cameras can be found here.