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The Photon 30-pin interface control drawing shows the pin numbers reversed for the interface connector J1 (SAMTEC TFML-115-02-S-D-P), in comparison with SAMTEC’s drawing for TFML-115-02-S-D-P. Why?

This question applies to the legacy Photon camera models. The Photon product line and its accessories have been discontinued. The information here is provided for historical reference.

At the time the Photon interface connector was designed, SAMTEC was just introducing this part, and a pin numbering scheme was not available. Unfortunately, when SAMTEC released their pin numbering scheme, it differed from the one we had established. FLIR elected to follow its own numbering scheme, already released in our documentation. FLIR`s ICD correctly calls out pin function and pin location/ID.

Using SAMTEC`s drawing as a reference for the 30-pin connector pinout will result in a failure of the Photon`s power conditioning board.

This answer applies to all Photon versions: 640; 320; 160; 120; and 80.