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The on-screen video overlays interfere with aspects of our system. Can the symbology be turned off or changed?

On-screen symbols are only present in the analog video data. One possible on-screen symbol is the FLIR logo. The logo is generally only enabled in demo cameras, or as a means of discounting the camera price. Another symbol used by FLIR is the shutter imminent indicator. This symbol can be disabled with the camera control GUI. Other symbols are available that are used for radiometry functions. Radiometry is generally not enabled by FLIR in delivered cameras, but can be enabled by customers via the GUI.

Changes to the symbology overlays (other than those described above) require custom firmware that is reserved for FLIR’s moderate- to large-volume OEM customers. Generally such changes result in the creation of a unique product part number that identifies a specific customer configuration, as well as any other special requirements mutually agreed to by the customer and FLIR. Contact your FLIR salesperson for more information.