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Our Tau2, Quark2, Lepton camera was exposed to a temperature hotter than the maximum storage temp specified. It appears to work. Would FLIR recommend servicing the unit?

There may be components in Tau2, Quark2, and Lepton cameras that have maximum storage temperature limits lower than the temperature your camera was exposed to, but since apparently none of them failed, we would not be able to detect a problem. A bigger concern would be the sensor vacuum package. High temperatures may reduce the life of the sensor by accelerating the diffusion of gases into the vacuum package, but this would only occur during the exposure. However, a thermal stress induced crack may cause the package to leak continuously. If this has happened, the responsivity of the camera will reduce over time, perhaps weeks or months. This will be evidenced by poor image quality, so unless you notice significant degradation of the image over time, the camera is probably operating normally.