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Is there a way to maximize the video display on the Boson app for Windows PC to full screen?

This question was asked in conjunction with two others: If not, will the Boson camera interface with the program VLC media player using the `directshow` capture mode via the USB output directly to the PC? In other words, is there an alternate method of viewing the live video stream from a PC?

There is no full screen video feature on the Boson GUI. Almost any web cam viewer, including VLC, can view Auto Gain Corrected (AGC’d) video from Boson.

What happens when a viewer and the camera connect is that they “negotiate” the best available format that they both can handle.

Of the two that Boson R1 can provide, most viewers only understand the color one. Some viewers may also know about the “Y16” 16- bit monochrome format, and will allow you to select it, but VLC currently does not (Actually, it is pretty rare among viewers).

Most web cam viewers will have more buffering, and as a result more latency than the Boson GUI. VLC allows you to adjust that.