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Is there a recommended connector or cable harness that can be used to interface to the SAMTEC 30-pin connector?

This question applies to the legacy Photon camera models. The Photon product line and its accessories have been discontinued. The information here is provided for historical reference. SAMTEC makes an SFSD Series mating connector that enables discrete wires to be brought out from the Photon 30-pin interface connector. An example part number of a mating connector fully populated with wires is SFSD-15-28-S-10.00-S. However, a cable harness can be made using only the wires needed. Power and video leads would likely be the minimum, then RS-232, then digital video. The 10.00 designates 10` leads. The leads could be made any (practical) length desired since these cables are custom-built. A friction lock option is available. See the –SL and –DL options on the product print, Also refer to:

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