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Is there a connector or adapter board available for Tau2 which provides an RS-232 interface, instead of the VPC module offered by FLIR?

Either the 50-pin Hirose (the native electrical connector used for Tau2) or the 30-pin SAMTEC connector of the Photon replicator board (P/N 421-0045-00, an accessory item for Tau2) can provide RS-232 connectivity. The Photon Replicator Kit can be used in conjunction with the legacy Photon I/O module to enable RS-232 connectivity via a DB-9 connector, as well as standard coaxial analog video and a power connection. See the Tau User’s Guide for more details.

FLIR also offers a low-profile adapter board called a Wearsaver that can be attached to the back of the Tau2 camera in order to give a user access to camera input power, analog video output, and other functions including RS-232 communications and digital data (LVDS) via a set of solder pads. Note that use of the wearsaver requires a certain amount of soldering skill on the part of the user. The Wearsaver part number is 421-0047-00.

More information about the wearsaver can be found by searching the Knowledge Base (FAQs) using the term `wearsaver` without the quote marks.