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Is the Tau2 susceptible to degradation when exposed to sea spray?

FLIR`s OEM products are not environmentally sealed, with the exception of PathFindIR. FLIR does not use a hydrophobic coating on its maritime camera lenses or windows. Several off-the-shelf products have been tried with little success. The best method to prevent excessive salt build-up is fresh water rinsing.

FLIR’s OEM cameras use hard-carbon (HC) coated lenses to withstand the potentially harsh environmental requirements of an exposed optical surface. If a Tau2 or Quark2 lens ends up being exposed to the point where corrosion becomes apparent, the lens could be replaced for $200-500 depending on the focal length. However, removing and replacing Quark lenses needs to be done in a clean room environment to avoid dust particles from settling on the sensor surface when exposed to air. This sort of condition is not covered under FLIR’s camera warranty.